Friday, 20 January 2017

MTG League

Starting on January 28th January we will be running an MTG League. The league will run for 4 weeks and each week players will be able to get a foil promo token card. (One side featuring a Thopter and the other a Servo)

The events will start at 12pm and will only last a couple of hours (depending on attendance). Players will need to purchase 3 boosters the first week (one Kaladesh and 2 Aether Revolt) from that they will build a 30 card minimum deck. We will then play a few rounds against each other and record the results. From the second week onwards players will be able to purchase additional boosters to add to their decks if they wish. (In addition if you lose all of your matches you are allowed to purchase and additional booster at the end of the event). When the four weeks is over we will have a winner of the league and prizes will be awarded in addition to the four tkens that players will have received.

If you miss the first week then that is not a problem as you may join in in later weeks but of course will need to purchase the initial three boosters.

If this is a success we will be running future league events and Wizards have already announced that the next token will be a foil Gremlin/Energy counter.

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