Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Friday Afternoon Magic

Starting this Friday we will be running weekly Friday Afternoon Magic which is a special variant of Friday Night Magic which is for under 16's.

We will be starting at 4pm and running until 7pm when the normal FNM events are due to start. (Some players that currently attend the normal FNM with their parents will be able to attend both the afternoon event and the evening event.)

The plan is for both events to run on the same schedule (one week standard and one week modern). As this is the first time we have run this type of event with the junior players we will be starting with Modern which is a easier format for players to prepare for. This will mean two weeks of Modern before the have a Standard event. This also means that the first Standard event will be after the Prerelease for the new set, which will be an ideal oportunity for players to get some new standard legal cards. (There will also be a prerelease event which is designed for the younger players - more details to follow later this week)

The cost for this event will be NOTHING, thats right it will be completely free. There will be FNM promo cards for the top 3 each week as well as a booster for the winner. (KD points will be awarded, which will count towards the end of year tournament in January 2018)

There will be up to three rounds of best of three with a maximum time limit of 45 minutes.

Facebook events will be created each week, please confirm your attendance or let me know in the shop that you are planning to come.

There will be a small selection of decks available for players to borrow each week for the required format if they do not have a legal deck.

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