Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Dice Masters League

For a while now we have been running events on Thursday Nights and these have been pretty much Dice Masters for all of this year. As this game is proving really popular in our community we have decided to start an eight week league starting this Thursday.

This format for each week will be ...

19/4 - 2 of a kind.
26/4 - Paupers
3/5 - Draft pt 1
10/5 - Draft pt 2
17/5 - Salaried
24/5 - 4 & 7's
31/5 - Mono
7/6 - New modern plus winners revealed.

All events will be best of 3, timed at 45 minutes

The first event is this week and is 2 of a kind. For this you must build a team with two characters/actions from each of the four energy types. No other restrictions apply.

We will add details for each event as we get to them.

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