Saturday, 2 September 2017

TNT Events for September

In July we launched our Thursday night tournament evenings. Starting at 7pm each week we will be running a mini tournament that will be free to enter. Each event will be cater for between 4 and 8 players and will be for a variety of differing systems.

So far we have run Force of Will, Dice Masters and Lords of War, Warhammer Conquest, Star Wars Destiny and Final Fantasy

The schedule for September will be as follows...

THURSDAY 7th SEPTEMBER ... Star Wars Destiny

THURSDAY 14th SEPTEMBER ... Oligarchy

THURSDAY 21st SEPTEMBER ... Warhammer Conquest

THURSDAY 28th SEPTEMBER ... Force of Will

We will now be creating a Facebook event page for each week so please confirm your attendance. These are casual events and although competitive they are mainly just for fun, some weeks we will be able to provide promotional items as prizes but not for all systems.

Hopefully see a few of you at next weeks event!

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