Friday, 31 July 2020

Playing In-Store

This Saturday we will be re-introducing playing games in the store.

The shop has two rooms and we will only be using the back room to play in, leaving plenty of space in the front for people to shop comfortably and safely. We have reduced the number of seated places from our normal 10 down to just 4. These are on two tables and will allow for 1 v 1 games only. 

These tables will be available to book through our website from today or if you would prefer, you are also able to come into the shop and book them in person. The booking will be for two hours and there will be 3 available slots for each table each Saturday. (Although for the first week this will be reduced to just two slots and will vary if we are running an event). It will cost £3 per person. After each session we will be cleaning the area ready for the next sessions.

Each table has now been fitted with a screen for you protection, but as it is a retail environment you will still be required to wear face masks at all times. (You are of course welcome to pop outside for a break at any time.) Our staff will also be wearing face masks. There will be a fan to aid with improving the airflow and keeping it cool and the door will remain open when the room is occupied. Cool drinking water will be available for free but you must bring you own container. 

We will be reviewing the process each week and will be looking into introducing some short demonstration/teaching sessions and some small events in the future. If you have any questions about bookings then please feel free to give us a call, message us or email.

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