Saturday, 16 May 2020


For the last few weeks we have been offering sales via our website for Pokemon and Magic the Gathering items. This will increase to cover other ranges in the coming days.

When buying online there are two options for how to get your items. The first is have them delivered to your house but this will cost you extra and will take a couple of days to arrive with you. The other is to come and collect the items. Normally this would be from the shop, but these are not normal times so collection is from my house.

The reason for collecting from my house is that the shop is closed and deliveries are being delivered to me at home and it is much easier to arrange a time. Due to the current situation with Covid-19, there are a few things that we have put in place to make the collection easier and safer for everyone.

  • Firstly, once you have placed your order I will message you either through Wix, Facebook or Discord and arrange a time with you when you are available to pick the stock up. This ideally will be a window of about an hour. I will try and make sure that you are the only people due to be collecting something during that window.
  • I will then send you a Google Maps link to my home address so that you knw where to come.
  • I will message you just before your collection window to let you know your goods are ready and send a picture showing your items for you to check.
  • Next the stock will be place in a box outside my from window so that we can maintain safe social distancing.
  • The box is cleaned after each collection and sprayed with antibacterial spray before new stock is added to the box. The spray is available if you wish to spray the products before handling them. Antibacterial hand gel will also be available for you to clean your hands after you have closed the box. 
  • For security purposes there is a camera recording the box at all times, this will give me a record of people collecting their items and hopefully prevent people from tampering with the box. The recordings are deleted after collection by the correct person is confirmed.
  • Please remember to bring a bag with you as you will need something to carry your good home in.
  • Finally I would be grateful if you could confirm that you have picked your goods up as this will allow me to clean the box and get the next collection ready if applicable. 
Finally, although I will send a Google Maps link showing my address I have included it here to allow you to plan your pick up before you commit to purchasing anything.

If you have any questions about collecting or ordering goods for delivery please feel free to contact me, Thank you for your support and custom during this unusual time.

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