Friday, 26 July 2019

Pokemon Pre-release

The new set of Pokemon Cards goes on sale next weekend and that means that this weekend it is Pre-release weekend.

We will be running two events, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, both will start at 11am. It will cost £20 to play and spaces are limited to just 8 per event.

What is a Pre-release?

Of course if your quite new to Pokemon, you may not know what a pre-release is, so here is a very quick run down of what you get and what happens.

First thing that happens is that you get given a pre-release box...

Once you open that box you will find a small pack of 24 non random pokemon cards, which includes useful trainer cards and one of four different promo cards. This pack will likely be the main part of the deck that you will eventually construct. You will also find four boosters from the new set which is currently unavailable in the UK until next week!

Once you have got over the excitement of all the great new cards you will sort them out and choose enough to make a 40 card deck. 

You may be thinking, hold on, what about energy cards, well the good new is, that we have plenty of energy for you to add to your cards to make the deck function. (which you also get to keep)

When everyone is ready it will be time to play. There will be three games to play against different people and at the end we will have a winner for the day.

Regardless of how well you did in your games, everyone will get a booster from the new set as a prize, and obviously you will get to keep everything you have opened. The winner will get an additional booster as a special prize!

After that it will be time to go home, but not before you have had a chance to trade with your firends at the event.

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