Saturday, 24 March 2018

Gambit Sunday

Tomorrow we are once again helping to host Gambit Sunday! We will be there all day and doors open at 11am. Entry is free for children and just £2 for adults, so why not join us for a day of gaming?

We will be hosting a number of events tomorrow, including ...


Starting at 1pm and with an entry price of £24 (in addition to your Gambit entry) we will be drafting the new MTG set. There will be no booster prizes for this event but we will have some promo cards to hand out. The maximum amount of players for this event will be 10.


Starting at 2pm and with an entry price of  just £1 (in addition to your Gambit entry). This event is open to all that have a deck and the winner will get a special certificate as well as the top 3 getting a special coupon to redeem at Spring Fest.


This event will actually be running at the shop in Tarmount Lane. Entry is £2 for juniors and seniors and £4 for adults. The tournament should finish by 1pm when players are welcome to move up to the Legion (there will be no additional entry fee). There will be booster prizes for this event depending on the amount of players we have.

In addition there will of course be a whole range of tabletop, board and card games being played. Feel free to bring something along or simply join in with someone else when you get there.

Snacks and drinks will be on sale as well as a small selection of toasted sandwiches and of course the shop will be open all day if you need any boosters or new games.

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