Monday, 10 April 2017

Run Rabbit Run!

For a while now I have been thinking of making a Bunny themed Force of Will deck and with Easter just around the corner it seemed like now was the time to actually put one together.

Last week I came up with version one and tried it out on Sunday against one of our local players.

The deck is based on the three rabbit cards in Force of Will ...

and my personal favourite...
As you can see each has a single will casting cost and has a banish ability. The idea of the deck is simple. Cast early rabbits, block and banish to prevent damage and trigger effects then bring them back with either a trap or ...

Which would also be my main win condition!!! A simple plan that would see me protect myself with bunnies, then get a little girl, make her stronger and attack! I just needed a few ways to find her and protect her!

A simple plan, so what could go wrong. It would appear a fair bit. Resonators that fly for starters, oh and the fact that I only have one little girl and when I searched for her she was promptly discarded.

In short it did not go well, apart from the bunnies, they did manage to stall the game and give me some card advantage. So with that in mid I have gone back to the drawing board and created 'Run Rabbit Run - Version 2"

There have been a number of key changes which include an extra two Rabbit Princesses, changes to the will in the stone deck, a flying version of Kaguya and a change of ruler. So who is up for a game at tomorrow nights KD GAMES NIGHT?

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