Sunday, 5 February 2017

Dice Masters Open

Yesterday we held our very first Dice Masters Open Event at the 3rd Sea Scout Hut in Shoreham.

It was an excellent day with some really great people. We had 18 players enter which meant we had 3 qualifying spaces available as well as some great prizes.

We had 4 rounds of swiss followed by a top eight cut to find our eventual winner. There were also some great Rainbow Draft side events for people to join in with and this saw one or two new players to the game. It was really good after only learning to play a few hours before they were ready to give it a first go.

The final match was pretty tense, in particular game one!

After many great games and a great deal of coffee having been drunk and in some cases left abandoned to go cold while the players emerged themselves in the game...

The final standings were ...

18th Jake Cambell-Smith
17th Tobi Hearne
16th Liam Woodley
15th Phillip Moss
14th Jamie Bryant
13th Kevin Hearne
12th Matt Heath
11th Marc Shirt
10th Joseph Kinsley
9th Sofie Child

Top top 8 were...

8th Chris Hustwayte
7th Charlotte Snowdon
6th Phil Hanley
5th Olly James-Dare
4th Philip Ball
3rd Roxanne Mits
2nd Andy England

and our overall winner was ...


As both Ben and Andy have already qualified, congratulations go to Roxanne Muts, Philip Ball and Olly James-Dare who all have now qualified!

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